Restoration and Refitting
Thanks to its consolidated experience in wood reconstruction and repairs, the dockyard can carry out any type of work even if the features are no longer in use, for example in the case of period or antique vessels.
The yard with the owner and/or the skipper, draw up a comprehensive list of jobs that need doing, and supplies the best and safest technical solutions as well as appropriate indications as to expenses or cost and the timescale needed to complete the work according to the requirements dictated by the specific or unique features.
With regards to period or antique boats coming from other shipyards, we can also carry out historical research to find original documents and old design drawings or plans.

Extra Services
The shipyard deals with all bureaucratic aspects regarding laws and regulation and liases with all the necessary offices such as Harbour-Offices, Customs, Certification and Controlling bodies for:

  • renewal of safety features documents
  • renewal of nautical passport/licence
  • visits from RINA the Italian shipping registry and other recognised bodies
  • paperwork for RID direct relationships
  • Purchase and sales documents
  • European Community branding
  • Compass turns
Moreover, technical and/or commercial evaluations can be organized, also for insurance and sale contract needs: these are released together with formal sworn opinion signed by the ship builder Antonio Salvalaglio.

Docking and Maintenance
The Victor Naval Shipyard provides pleasure-boat owners with docking/mooring and standard maintenance services that includes regular check ups of batteries, electrical circuits or mechanics on board.
When the boat is hauled on land, with the agreement of the owner and the skipper, a complete check of all machinery and main equipment is carried out according to the list of jobs that need doing and that have been jointly agreed.
A further check followed by any necessary cleaning and maintenance is then carried out before sending the boat back out to sea. For engine, generators and other mechanical maintenance, the shipyard collaborates with a series of authorised mechanical workshops working with the main manufacturing houses.
If standard or specialized maintenance work needs to be done, and this does not require the boat to be kept on land for a long time, the shipyard can organize docking or temporary mooring in the working areas of the main harbours close to the site , and deals with all aspects of the paperwork that might be necessary.

  The Shipyard
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