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The Shipyard

Victor S.r.l Naval Shipyard, started operating in 1960, an extension and enlargement of the former main Esvi dockyard that made boats under the VICTOR brand name. It is proud of having worked under dedicated management for many years and so has gained a great deal of experience, as well as invaluable know-how, in the ship-building sector, dealing with boat repairs, fixtures and fittings work and all manner of structural work or management of pleasure or sports boats, made of wood, fibreglass, different metals or steel materials.
The shipyard operates within the pleasure/sports boat industrial district of the Tigullio Gulf and is supported by the collaboration of a wide range of medium to small sized craftsman's workshops that started working in the 70's and 80's and still provide the very best solutions to any job that needs doing on board.
The dockyard is spread out on a surface area of approximately 2000 square metres, half of which is covered. In this area boats can be held, lifted or moved thanks to a Travel Lift capable of lifting 70 tons, and an automatic crane that can lift 75Tons or haul 300 Tons.
This operational capacity is prescribed by article 68 of the Navigation Code for the Maritime District of Santa Margherita Ligure.
Moreover, Victor Shipyard is equipped with a full range of wood working machinery and other tools for repairs and work on all other materials.

  The Shipyard
Cantiere Navale Victor S.r.l. - Via Preli, 26 - 16043 Chiavari (GE) - Italy - Phone +39 0185/307.658 - Mob. +39 348 2208996